Laptop Friendly Cafes?

As conscious coffee consumers, we are on the eternal quest for three things: good coffee, free wi-fi and power for our laptop, tablet or smartphone.

To help people find cafes with free Wi-Fi, and handy power outlets, Craig Barber  launched in 2009, a website that lists local spots to set up shop. The site features listings for cafes in 34 countries and recently launched its own iPhone app. 

While the site includes information about the basics, it doesn't address things like:  'how's the coffee?'
It also would be nice to include whether or not there is a expenditure-per-hour policy, how good and friendly the wait staff is, and if the music is bearable. 

For those of us who travel, it's a start in getting acquainted with a new city and there's always that opportunity to discover a new cafe to add to the list of friendly places.

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