Can a person relocate to another town based solely on the coolness of its coffee shop? Driving through rural Georgia (yes, Georgia), I stopped for lunch and a chance to stretch my legs on the main street of Thomasville.  

There I discovered the Grassroots Coffee Shop and fell in love with its decor. The space is huge with brick walls and the ambiance of a Seattle shop.  Their coffee roasters are on-site, with a wide selection of coffee and light snacks.  It's a little far to drive for a latte, but I will definitely stop here again, if I'm passing through!


They are both chefs and we are invading their kitchen for a summer weekend. For breakfast they make crepes, not pancakes.  In an effort to help, we offer to make the coffee.

In their kitchen, coffee beans are measured in grams and weighed on a scale. The freshly ground beans are allowed to bloom before the pour-over.  

I'm exhausted after this.  I need coffee.