More musings at It's Certainly Time.

Chilly and hungry. Bowl of cooked steel cut oats and a steaming latte. Soy milk carton empty. Food combining experiment.
East coast easy and I can count on my fingers: it's tomorrow and six hours backwards.  who needs a chart for what time it is in NZ?
each refusing to sit with his back to the door, two college-age men sit side-by-side at a table, staring out the restaurant's front window. 
brevity was not his native language
cafe breve
tiny crackles of free time:  bolts of lightning across a dark sky of boredom.

Coffee Filters:  coffee?  latte.  Sweet'N Low? Stevia.  creamer?  soy milk.  second date?  nope.

hemp coffee filters

This morning, the sun sparked the gold band on the barista's left hand:  seven days of heart shaped latte art - broken.  

photo by Karl Swedberg

The attorney raised his gaze from the retainer check to his client's blue eyes: yes, bad coffee can be grounds for divorce.

The timer on the microwave read one.  I had to clear it from the screen before I could select my time.  Who couldn't wait one second?

the final pothole dislodged the 'choose life' license plate to an awkward angle as the car careened toward the tiny girl in the crosswalk.

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