I was on a deadline and still had managed to procrastinate away the largest part of the day.  The bike had to go to the shop.  I was leaving the next day. The bike and a new, as yet not-purchased heavy duty bike lock, had to be delivered 300+ miles south to my son waiting expectantly in his dorm room. 

What resulted was what each of us procrastinators hopes will happen every time, but almost never does.  I went by a small bike shop that recently opened in my neighborhood.  It was late in the afternoon, I noticed the sign said closing was in two hours.  Two bike guys took the dusty bike into their control.  "No problem, it'll be done tomorrow afternoon at the latest." 

"Actually, I'm leaving before noon tomorrow.  Could you work on it this afternoon?"

"No problem."

My heart soared.  Time to linger at a table outside the local coffee shop on a beautiful October day. I had tucked my laptop in my bag and now I had been gifted an hour and a half of free time. 

When I came back, it was fifteen minutes before closing and the bike was not done.  The bike shop owner said it would only be a few more minutes.  He offered me coffee--noting that he only brewed organic french press and free wi-fi.  I sat down on the couch in front of the picture window.  The gangly half puppy half adult dog joined me on the other faded cushion.   

When the bike was finished and loaded into my car, the owner pointed to his "car," a bicycle built for two.  He invited me to come by and hang out any time.  "We make coffee every morning and usually have fresh muffins."

This is indeed the reward that validates our procrastination.  

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